Chakra Balancing – More than you realize

Posted: Jun 29, 2016 by Reva
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Chakra Balancing – More than you realize

Balancing and clearing your chakras will assist you in integrating your body, heart, mind and Soul, giving you the opportunity to touch your higher wisdom creating a spiritual opening for personal growth. I recently worked with a psychiatrist who acknowledged that she focused on her mind both personally and when working with patients. The Chakra Balance she experienced with me gave her insight as to the parts of herself she was leaving out …she lived in her mind, didn’t consider what she felt in her body and totally forgot about her Soul… when she integrated these parts of herself… she felt renewed… alive and refreshed in a whole new way… her remarks…???This is powerful??? she was no longer in competition with her New York collogues ….she now owned her power both personally and professionally.


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