Chakra Balancing – Release tension and stress

Posted: Jan 07, 2017 by Reva
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Yesterday I gave a Chakra Balance session to a Professional woman who just made the decision to retire after 40 years of running and managing a very successful marketing business with a national staff.
She mentioned feeling disconnected and uncertain about what was next with her future, now able to make new choices about whatever she wanted to do. As we did the session we found chronic low back pain in the place where she had stashed all the things she didn’t have time to do in her lower chakra… where she felt disconnected from the lower part of her body… for many years she just didn’t pay attention to it, stashing things she didn’t have time to address there… releasing her base chakra allowed her to relax into her pelvic region resolving the pain she so often ignored as she tasked each work day… now it was time to make new decisions about addressing other parts of life realizing everything and everyone is importance to her.
As we focused on her Heart Chakra she felt her chest tight with a shallow breath, even though she’s a very expressive person and an excellent communicator with her staff and business. But trauma had occurred in her life as it does for so many of us, we discussed what had taken place and among other things she realized she connected her heart to her mind rather than her loving compassion for life. With rebalancing the Heart Chakra, she was then able to really connect with her passion for life, her family and able to be present to the traumas and dramas of life she had ignored in the past; now making time for real healing.
She opened up to a renewed sense of herself with more energy, realizing she simply closed herself down so as not to feel and get on with her business, her work.
As we completed the session I suggested she take a moment to Meditate and continue the progress we made in the Chakra Balance session. She began to redefine herself and get in touch with a deeper awareness of who she really is.
Healing comes in many forms, your work life can very often distract you from many other parts of life equally as important, do you fully express your personal power for a wholesome and complete life; creating the community you love? Is your body tight with chronic pain, are you low on energy? There are many reasons to do a Chakra Balance … We have a list of complementary therapies at Lets talk about your needs today…


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