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Every family, every household in American maybe touched by disease, cancer and loss today! Take a look; rapid change hallmarks our society …a 40-hour work week has extended itself to 50 even 80 hours each week. People are now taking “Whites” to sustain this new pace; while living a super stressed lifestyle; ignoring signals of anxiety, fatigue, restlessness, insomnia, loss of sexual interest, conditioning the body to exist in over stress and calling it normal.

This super stressed lifestyle creates a medium for disease to manifest and we don’t even notice it happening; fear, worry, anguish and despair can cripple a person when confronted with life altering circumstances.

Written to address the alarming, isolating feelings people with disease , loss or injury have, Sacred Journey Sacred Life is the essential go-to guide for those seeking a blend of traditional and alternative medical practices. Cancer and disease may spark terror but it also spurs an immediate focus on a person often ignored YOU!

Every chapter, every description is designed to help you understand the “whys” behind chronic disease, injury and loss; arming you with skills speeding recovery at home. I will share with you ways to re-structure your life in the weeks and months to come, how to move forward when your loss becomes overwhelming, to tap into your own spiritual nature, recognizing the authentic power that lives inside you. Learn for yourself to resolve the secondary symptoms of loss, cancer and chronic disease through integrative therapies.

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