Healthy Skin Tips Organic Skin Care

Posted: Jun 24, 2016 by Reva
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Healthy Skin Tips Organic Skin Care

Healthy Skin

My-Skin Organic Skin Care wishes to introduce you to our natural and organic products by getting you started with our fabulous Anti-Aging Facial Masque.

Is healthy, vibrant skin important to you? With I- – My-Skin you can prevent wrinkles within the first 20 minutes of using our advanced formula and realize your own true beauty.

Is your skin dry, oily or normal to the touch? I- -My-Skin gives you hydrating moisturizers with Aloe Vera, olive Squalene and Shea butter-replenishing, rich and non-greasy all proven to rejuvenate your skin naturally for natural beauty you can trust.

Say Hello to I My-Skin with our Anti-Aging Facial Masque and tell us about your results! Our key ingredient, Spirulina is a rich source of 94 trace elements, the deep rich antioxidant qualities of Spirulina supports cellular regeneration; enriching our Anti Aging Facial Masque, while it repairs damaged cells. Tightening begins immediately drawing out impurities, releasing wrinkles in just 20 minutes. You’ll have a mini face lift as often as you like; now anti-aging can safely be part of your weekly beauty ritual.

  • Ingredients: Buckwheat, milk, mineral complex, rice, Spirulina, soy, and silica
  • Enjoy this facial and start a new ritual because you deserve it!
  • Please feel free to ask your therapist about any of our services and products.
  • YOURS IN Health & Beauty Your team at Art of Massage Phoenix


Enjoy a facial today, when ever, where ever you want with our Facial to go… Get ready for that big event with younger, tighter skin and feel Iushious. Anti-Aging Facial Masque, tightens your skin in 20 minutes! Coconut Shea Exfoliant brings moisture from the air directly to your skin… Visit Anti-Aging


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