Past Life Experiences- Art of Healing

Posted: Jun 29, 2016 by Reva
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Past Life Experiences- Art of Healing

Why would I or anyone want to remember their past lives? Very often we have unfinished business from other life times that we’ve lived. We often incarnate into families we’ve been with before and continue on going relationships or experiences that we brought in with us to complete or perhaps take the next step with. For instance, I have a past life from the mid-eighteen hundreds in France; where I was a young girl with visions of Mother Mary… On the surface this may seem like an amazing and remarkable experience for anyone to have… but what we don’t often think about is the personality of who I was at that time… or how I thought about myself as I had my experiences and then shared them with people. My inner self talk was often insecure with people probing and often asking the same questions over and over further deepening my sense of vulnerability. I died young, at the age of 36 and brought all the karma-dharma from that life into this one. I realized I was unhealthy in my prior experience and choose to have a life of vitality. I started Yoga around the age of 8 and have been doing it ever sense. I began running daily at the age of 19 and continued running for 22 years. I became an LMT, Rolfer and a Body Centered Therapist allowing me a deeper introspection resolving this and many other programs I brought into this life from other experiences. The thing I was often told by Mother Mary was to “eat the grass??? I have been drinking protein drinks of Spirulina and Green Vibrance for over 20 years… Of course there is a great deal more to this story… if you have questions about past lives, feel free to send in your thoughts and comments. Enjoy the New Year! Namaste’


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