Reiki at Art of Healing Phoenix

Posted: Feb 22, 2017 by Reva
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After I took the formal class of Reiki from a master I had the unique opportunity to take an advanced class from Lama Yesha, sharing with our class a deeper meaning and history of Reiki… which has deepen my mastery of this amazing healing art.  We know Reiki as the Japanese style of massage meaning “Universal Life Force”, a natural healing method guiding the body and mind back to balance while releasing tension and fatigue, enhancing the body’s own healing ability. This technique is particularly good for post or pre-surgical procedures, cancer care, lymph-edema, plastic surgery  or during a fast or cleanse.  Available now just schedule an appointment at htt://   $95.00  by appt.  The first 10 people get a 20% disc.


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