Resolving PTSD with Hypnotherapy & FSM

Posted: Jun 29, 2016 by Reva
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Hypnotherapy and Frequency Specific Micro-current

I’m currently completing a series of sessions with a woman who is resolving PTSD from her life. She was in the military when she was raped… the trauma from this experience has followed her for years… Before the event she was an exciting woman with a unique skill set that worked well with her job post. Afterword she became a shadow of the woman she was… she began to eat becoming over weight and shied away from relationships with men/people generally. Hypnotherapy and Frequency Specific Micro-current have been excellent tools for her to revisit the events from a calmer, more relaxed place where she realized the event/perpetrator had no power over her…she began to stabilize in a comfortable place within herself where step by step she has made changes to her understanding of the event as well as her own individuality. Today she feels a JOY in her heart she hasn’t known for years… She’s discovered new talents and skills which have begun to give her life new purpose… she has become free of her past with skills taught to her in sessions of Hypnotherapy combined with Frequency Specific Micro-Current… It is a complete delight to see what she is doing with her life now! If you’d like to know how these services could benefit you, please get in touch and ask what ever questions you may have; consultations are always free.


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