September Meditation Free for YOU!

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 by Reva
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So many of you wished me Happy Birthday last year I was completely blown away.  Yes, I was conceived New Years eve and guess what nine months later  at midnight I was born… I would love to Honor all of you with your own wish…  by designing a meditation that fits your personal needs at this time.  I began meditating at the age of 8 and often went to church with my girl friends to experience the divine word  in all our American ways…. Methodist,  Lutheran, Catholic, and Christian.  Curiosity continued to enchant me as I continued  my exploration and studied Ayuvedic Medicine, and Tibetan forms of divine wisdom; these paths deepened in my heart as I studied with Lama Yesha, and Baba Hari Dos who wrote the Ashtanga Yoga Primer.  I experienced Darshan twice with  Buddha Maitreya;  at his ashram in Northern California which deepen my experience of  Meditation.

I began teaching Meditation at 23 and later higher guidance  directed me to experience a “Vision Quest” throughout Europe; visiting locations where I have lived past lives… this 6 month trip was demanding, exciting and beyond my wildest dreams to know and understand at a much deeper level who I am… as a spiritual person.  Meditation has always been a cornerstone in my life.

My  meditation CD is available at Art of Healing Phoenix; however I would love to design a  meditation that inspires you personally. Contact me through Face Book or by email and I will design a meditation that’s  just for you… you can record it and listen to it often to create your personal goals.  Meditations have the ability to evolve each of us in ways we didn’t imagine.    May all your days be filled with Delight, Wonderment & Magic.   Please feel free to donate to your favorite Harvey fund… we are All Family!  Namaste…

PS  Reiki energy is always imbued into every meditation I create.  Re’va




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