Spiritually Guided Active Listening Meditation

Posted: Jun 29, 2016 by Reva
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Spiritually Guided Active Listening Meditation

When I was 31/2 – 4 years old I had my first awakening… I started to remember my past lives. The 1st was the lifetime I had just before this one; I died at the age of 5 in World War 2. Next I remembered one of my life times in Egypt…I was one of twins born to the Pharaoh; since I was a girl I was immediately taken to the priests and hidden away until my life unfolded in a very amazing way… (there is a fascinating story here) From this point I felt awake within myself I found I could read my father’s mind, feel the emotions of others with a sensitivity I believed everyone has. I never knew people didn’t see Auras as I do or have telepathic communications with each other; all of which are natural for me.

Growing up in this way Spirituality has always been the cornerstone of my life; the experiences of many life times are part of who I am today. This body of knowledge, talent, and skills, are the fabric woven into the tapestry of every session we do together. I walk in this life being a Soul having a human experience.

My Soul is the wisdom I draw knowledge from in my daily life. For me meditation is a tool that touch’s my inner being, it allows me to be in touch with Divine Source and listen to higher guidance. This is the path I live each day.

My professional education has always been seasoned and shaped by my daily meditation practice, with more than 5000 hours of education I embrace a range of healing techniques as a Complementary Therapist along with the work I have developed myself Spiritually Guided Meditation Class.

I walk with the understanding that a fully Integrated person in Body, Heart, Mind and Soul is a person who is awake; within themselves and knows who they are…they too commune with their Soul developing increased wisdom within themselves…however not everyone exists this way… some people who experience trauma, rape, and abuse may not experience the felt sense of integration within…it is these people I serve the most. Through Meditation each person can find their way back…to know their self fully and continue their path of higher wisdom. This is why I love teaching Active Listening Meditation…there is a new discovery in every Meditation…I hope to see you in class! Namaste’.


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