Complementary Therapies

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The Art of Healing goes beyond hands on work with the healing power of touch and voice- these techniques ultimately guide you to a deeper level of health!

We combine a range of services such as Frequency Specific Micro-current, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Structural Integration, Massage, Chakra Balance, Body Centered Therapy and Reiki to give you a comprehensive group of tools in our treatment protocols. These complementary therapies blend the caring, safe touch technique with voice directives that invite relaxation to the body. Our therapies are known to reduce pain, increase circulation, balance heart rate, as your body releases stress.

Complementary therapies are an effective tool for relaxation when your day to day lifestyle becomes stressful. Activities like sitting at a desk all day, strenuous exercise programs as well as the “honey do list??? can all take a toll on the body. Today’s busy lifestyle demands that we take a little “Me Time??? and just relax… our treatments are an awesome way to do just that.

We have a variety of Complementary therapies for you to choose in 1 hour sessions. Please feel free to talk with us if you have any questions about our services.

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Re'va Rinchen Dawa

Phoenix, AZ

+1 (623) 444-9147

American Board of Hypnotherapy Certification – # H 17890

Arizona State Board of Massage License # MT – 00195P