Spiritually Guided Meditation Class

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Everything that gives us life exits along the Central Vertical Axis of the Body!

The use of active listening Meditation coupled with Reiki can teach you to ground, align, balance and harmonize your body, heart, mind and Soul. Daily meditation practice is the tool to be in touch with your higher wisdom… to access programs you designed for yourself, to discover your purpose in life, releasing inhibiting programs that have held you back all this time.

A recent client was going through divorce and simply wanted to rediscover her own true self again, to experience the nature of her own being without the intrusion/influence of other people. I taught her Spiritually Guided Meditation and how to use it in her daily life… she’s now finding her own path, realizing her many talents, skills, gifts and abilities… designing a bright future for herself and her teenage children.

Private sessions and Meditation classes using these principals are now available.

1 hr. session

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Re'va Rinchen Dawa

Phoenix, AZ

+1 (623) 444-9147

American Board of Hypnotherapy Certification – # H 17890

Arizona State Board of Massage License # MT – 00195P